London Professional Training Centre

London Professional Training Centre (LPTC) is a reputable, UK accredited training and Skill development Centre.

We provide continuing professional development (CPD) courses and qualifications to different professionals from different industries and sectors including Healthcare, Education, Business, Vocational and Technical.

We are one of the Leading training providers in London. Our Trainings are delivered by qualified and experienced professionals.


 We are regulated by OFQUAL accredited awarding body. Some of Our UK Accreditations, Awarding bodies and registrations include: UK Highfield ABC Awarding body, NEBOSH, The Qualifications UK (TQUK), Association of Healthcare Trainers UK, UK register of learning providers, Virtual College UK, International health organization UK.

London Professional Training Centre is registered as a Limited company in England and Wales with company registration number 08245443.


PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                                                                            
LPTC Professionals is a membership body for all professionals who have
attended any training with LPTC. Members enjoy the following benefits:
  • Yearly invite to professionals update workshop and conferences in UK, Europe / USA, discount rate on future booked Training.
  • The opportunity to Network with other LPTC professionals and  Job opportunities with LPTC partner organisations.
  • Travel support services for Trainings and conferences in UK, Europe / USA.

We are in the Following Countries

NIGERIA: We have a Satellite Centre in Ikeja, Lagos. We offer our UK courses and qualifications in different state in Nigeria






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Why London PTC

We provide training and consulting services to different Educational institutions in the UK and outside the UK. Our team is made up of trainers and consultants with experience in the Educational Sector including as Lecturers, Assessors, Trainers, and Teachers.

All our training and courses comes with certificates awarded from the UK and globally recognised.

We deliver some of our courses online, giving you the flexibility to study at your own time with reduced cost.

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