Level 3 award in Auditing and Inspection Skills

Level 3 award in Auditing and Inspection Skills



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Course Description

What’s It About?

This two days auditing and inspection skills course will enable your employees to confidently
carry out audits and inspections. They will also learn how to collate and evaluate the findings
before presenting the data in report format.

Who Should Attend?
This course is ideal for supervisors, team leaders and line managers working within your  business and who are, or are about to become, responsible for carrying out audits and inspections.

This includes internal or third party auditors, enforcement officers and people responsible for
verifying HACCP, with the main emphasis of the qualification being on practical inspection
and audit skills in the workplace.
It would also be particularly useful for supervisors undertaking either an internal audit or supplier approval.

This course is suitable for professionals working in different sectors including Healthcare, Food industry, Manufacturing sector, Education and Commissioning.

Course contents:
 Prerequisites, purpose, benefits and limitations of inspections/audits
 Types of audits/inspections
 Constructing a model against which to inspect
 The inspection cycle
 Planning, preparation, scope, opening and closing meetings
 Auditor competencies
 Frequency/timing/duration of inspections
 On site inspection/audit
 Observational and questioning techniques (data gathering)
 Checklists/inspection forms
 Analysis and interpretation
 Report writing
 Desktop Inspection

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