Level 3 Award in Health and Safety

Level 3 Award in Health and Safety



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This course aims to provide candidates with a in-depth understanding of the different aspects of health & safety in the workplace.
The course goes into detail about every area of health & safety that businesses may encounter, including risk assessments, preventive and corrective measures and legislation. It raises awareness of the responsibilities all managers and supervisors are expected to maintain.
This course is suitable for All supervisors and managers who have a responsibility for providing high health & safety standards in the workplace, including training employees, maintaining standards and enforcing a positive safety culture at work. It is suitable for everyone working within a supervisory role.


  • Introduction to health & safety: costs of poor standards, occupational, environmental and human factors and its roles in inspections, investigations and audits, risk assessments
  • Legislation: primary and secondary legislation, employer and employee duties, spproved codes of practice, enforcement actions and penalties
  • Accidents in the workplace: reporting and investigating, common accidents, the accident triangle, RIDDOR, legal requirements, investigations and reporting, preventive measures
  • Ill health in the workplace: causes, work exposures by activities, harmful agents to the body, COSHH, legal requirements, reporting incidents, control measures, manual handling, stress, ergonomics, noise and vibration, hazardous substances
  • The Workplace and Work Equipment: slips and trips, reducing the risks, lighting, existing equipment, new equipment and mobile work equipment
  • Fire and Explosion: employer duties, the responsible person, the fire triangle, fire risk assessment
  • Electricity and working at height
  • Vehicles
  • Violence, alcohol and drugs
  • Noise and vibration
  • Manual handling
  • A Positive Workplace Culture: benefits and foundations of a positive culture, safety representatives, paid time off, inspection of the workplace, safety committees and team briefings
  • Role of Managers, Supervisors: managers, supervisors, personal protective equipment, the law, hazards, training, PPE maintenance and CE marking


There are no pre-requisites to attend this course. However, it is advantageous that candidates wishing to obtain the Level 3 Award have already passed the Level 2 Award but it is not essential.
Length of Course
A minimum of 18 hours instruction over 3 days.

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